Upcycled Cut-out Back Navy Pinstripe Blazer


This navy pinstripe blazer is tailored for a snug fit. With small shoulder pads and two-button fastening for a defined silhouette, it can be worn with a shirt for meetings - or simply without for a chic evening option. Be the first in line for an Oct shipment.


Fabric swatches

This garment's shell is made of 100% wool

Navy pinstripe blazer swatch


  • Slim fit

  • Eco dry clean

  • Made in Bangkok, Thailand

  • We donate 10% of our profits to our sister charity Redress

  • Questions about the product? Email us at sales@bytlife.com

Know the supply chain left

Know the supply chain

This garment's luxury fabric was sourced in Southern China from a brand; it was trucked to Bangkok where it was cut and sewn; our seamstress called Kanjana added the final stitches to sign it off; before it was shipped back to BYT's depot in Hong Kong and onwards to you.

Know the supply chain left
Know the supply chain right

Know the fabric

This was made using unwanted fabrics donated by a luxury brand who couldn't sell them to jobbers. The fabrics came with test results.

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Know how to care

Sometimes you feel a little delicate, well, this garment feels that way all the time. We recommend infrequent dry cleaning - naturally by an eco dry cleaner - and optional spot treating for small signs of life.

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